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April 2015 Newsletter Now Available

The PCNV April 2015 Newsletter is now available with news of the first regional meeting in Geelong and much more! Click here to access the newsletter [867KB; PDF]

Is it Possible to be Christian in the Twenty First Century? - Text and Audio Files

A panel presentation to a meeting of the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria on 22 February 2015

The core understandings of traditional Christianity were developed within a worldview dramatically different from informed contemporary worldviews. Is it possible to be Christian today?

What could a positive and passionate contemporary Christianity look like?

1. Evolution has changed our understanding of humans.
What could a Christian understanding of human life be in the 21st century?

2. Biblical writings were regarded by many of our ancestors in the faith and some
commentators today as the divinely inspired Word of God and an exclusive guide to all truth. Contemporary studies and human experience have shown that there is a great diversity of ethical and theological assumptions among the Biblical authors reflecting the knowledge and context of these ancient writers.

How could a meaningful understanding and experience of the Bible enrich our Christian life and practice in the 21st century?

3. In the creeds of the early Christian centuries Jesus is depicted as a divine figure securing salvation through his sacrificial death. More recent biblical and historical studies have shown the varied understandings of Jesus in the first centuries of Christianity. 

What could a Christian understanding of Jesus be in the 21st century?

Sea of Faith in Australia Conference 2015

The 2015 Sofia Conference will take place at Coolangatta, Queensland on the weekend of 22 to 24 May. The Conference theme will be "Religion in Education: Children, Ethics, Faith and Meaning." The conference brochure notes:

In this conference, participants will reflect on some of the changes in the religious and educational fabric, and the political, social and religious issues arising from them. Sessions will deal with: the contested place of religion in Australian politics and education; the increasingly diverse nature of the Australian population; the need for compulsory courses in religion and ethics; the control and funding of the various school sectors; and the national chaplaincy program.

February 2015 Newsletter

Here is the first PCNV Newsletter for 2015 with a tribute to Marcus Borg, a Karen Armstrong book review and news about the first meeting of 2015. Click here to access [628KB; PDF]

PCNV November 2014 Newsletter

The PCNV November 2014 Newsletter is now available with news of the last meeting of the year, AGM and other happenings in and around the worlds of progressive religion.

A View from Excommunication in the Catholic Church: A Priest's Story

The October 2014 meeting of the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria provided a unique opportunity to hear the personal story and experiences of a priest excommunicated by the Catholic Arch-Diocese of Melbourne for progressive views.

TOPIC: "A View from Excommunication in the Catholic Church: A Priest's Story"
SPEAKER: Father Greg Reynolds

The text of Greg's address is now available by clicking here [94KB; PDF]. You can access an audio version of Greg's address by visiting the PCNV Download Store here.

Fr Greg Reynolds is a former parish priest in the Catholic Arch-Diocese of Melbourne who has now been excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  The reasons given include his work for the equality of homosexual persons in the Catholic Church, plus his advocacy of ordination for Catholic women.   Fr Greg will tell his story, including his establishment of an unofficial Catholic community called 'Inclusive Catholics'.

Bernard Brandon Scott Audio File: The New Paul

The audio file from Bernard Brandon Scott's presentation on the above title are now available at the article on that event. Click here to go there.