A New New Testament - by Hal Taussig

From the Westar site: Over the past century and a half, numerous lost scriptures have been discovered, authenticated and celebrated. These are not the work of shunned sects or rebel apostles, or alternative histories or doctrines. They represent the very voices that sparked the rise of Christianity. We have much to gain by bringing these documents back into conversation with the traditional New Testament.

PCNV July 2014 Newsletter

PCNV's July Newsletter is out now with news from David Tacey's presentation and information about the upcoming Bernard Brandon Scott seminar in Melbourne. Click here to download the newsletter. [291KB; PDF]

David Tacey: Imagination, Vision and Spirituality: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Progressive Religious Thought

At the PCNV meeting on 22 June 2014 there was a lively response to the address by Professor David Tacey of La Trobe University on this theme. To download a copy of the key points of David Tacey's address click here [140KB; PDF]

Dr Noel Preston: Ethics; With or Without God

The audio file from the presentation by Dr Noel Preston to the May 2014 meeting of the PCNV is now available. Click on this link to go to the PCNV download store to download the audio file.

PCNV June 2014 Newsletter

The June 2014 Newsletter is now available with news of the last PCNV meeting, reflections on why Christianity needs to evolve and a book review. Click here to download the newsletter [349KB; PDF]

Link: Lay Forum

The web-page of the "Lay Forum"  is at the link below.

As the forum website says: "The Lay Forum gives expression to a considered, respectful and contemporary voice for the progressive thinkers in the church."

PCNV May 2014 Newsletter

This newsletter brings you information about two new developments:

-If you would like an opportunity to meet and talk with others interested in alternatives to traditional Christianity, you are invited to come half an hour early to the meeting on 25 May. See the details on page 2.

-If you have ever thought that there should be more opportunities for people to consider how progressive Christianity offers dynamic alternatives to traditional doctrinal Christianity, PCNV has an offer for you - a Leaders' Guide to two discussion sessions to make it easy for you to get some people together. See page 2.

Bill Loader: "Sex in the 1st and 21st Centuries" Presentation and Audio Files

The address by William Loader to the PCNV meeting on 4 May dealt with both historical issues that affected how New Testament writers wrote about sex and contemporary issues.

Around 80 people found it both informed and provoked reflection. Bill Loader has now provided a PDF file of the presentation slides that formed the basis for the address: ‘Sex in the 1st and 21st
Centuries – Chasm and Connection."

Download the PDF file by clicking here  
[3MB; PDF]

The audio file can be downloaded by visiting the PCNV File Download Store by clicking here.


At the link below is a Leaders' Guide from PCNV for two discussion sessions  based on topics arising from the book by Diana Butler Bass, Christianity after Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening. The Guide is self contained and does not require access to the book, although that could give you additional reference material.

The Leaders' Guide is A4 size to make it easy to copy the two pages for participants for each session.

The first pages of the Guide describe the topic and the focus of each discussion session.

PCNV is promoting the Leaders' Guide as a resource that could make it easy for an interested person to get together a group of friends or contacts as a new group. We started this process in the PCNV April 2014 Newsletter.