Audio Files from David Tacey, Sara Sabbagh, Janet Turpie-Johnson and David Galston

The PCNV Audio Download Store now has the following audio files to purchase and download:
  • Wisdom from the First Peoples of the Land. Aboriginal Spirituality: Janet Turpie-Johnson
  • Embracing the Human Jesus: David Galston
  • Beyond Literal Belief; Religion as Metaphor: David Tacey
  • The Beauty of Islam: Sara Sabbagh 

September 2015 PCNV Newsletter

The September 2015 PCNV Newsletter is now available for download. Click here to download [380KB; PDF]

July and August 2015 Newsletters

The July 2015 and August 2015 PCNV Newsletters are now available through the PCNV website.

Text of Rachael Kohn's Address to PCNV

On May 24 Rachael Kohn addressed a PCNV meeting on the topic "What's Temporary and What's Eternal in Current Spiritual Trends."

PCNV May 2015 Newsletter Now Available

The PCNV May 2015 Newsletter is now available with news of the successful first regional meeting in Geelong and upcoming presentations by Rachel Kohn and David Tacey. Click here to download the newsletter [422KB; PDF]

Greg Jenks: The Once and Future Bible: Reading the Scriptures Today

A presentation by Rev Dr Greg Jenks to the first regional PCNV forum held in April 2015.


Link: A Progressive Christian Voice

A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) is a group of Christians who wish to contribute to public debate by promoting a generous and future-focused understanding of the Christian faith. Their website URL is:

April 2015 Newsletter Now Available

The PCNV April 2015 Newsletter is now available with news of the first regional meeting in Geelong and much more! Click here to access the newsletter [867KB; PDF]

Is it Possible to be Christian in the Twenty First Century? - Text and Audio Files

A panel presentation to a meeting of the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria on 22 February 2015

The core understandings of traditional Christianity were developed within a worldview dramatically different from informed contemporary worldviews. Is it possible to be Christian today?

What could a positive and passionate contemporary Christianity look like?

1. Evolution has changed our understanding of humans.
What could a Christian understanding of human life be in the 21st century?

2. Biblical writings were regarded by many of our ancestors in the faith and some
commentators today as the divinely inspired Word of God and an exclusive guide to all truth. Contemporary studies and human experience have shown that there is a great diversity of ethical and theological assumptions among the Biblical authors reflecting the knowledge and context of these ancient writers.

How could a meaningful understanding and experience of the Bible enrich our Christian life and practice in the 21st century?

3. In the creeds of the early Christian centuries Jesus is depicted as a divine figure securing salvation through his sacrificial death. More recent biblical and historical studies have shown the varied understandings of Jesus in the first centuries of Christianity. 

What could a Christian understanding of Jesus be in the 21st century?